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Anna Alden-Tirrill introduces us to thirteen-year-old Annie who serves as a positive role model for middle grade and young adult readers. The messages of these books are inspirational and educational and are relevant for the entire Christian market as they have no denominational leaning. They are also of value as cross-over books as the themes and messages are universal.

The author introduces us to the concept of Annie's family's daily breakfast roundtable that they call "Talk-up," a time of sharing, prayer, and Bible reading. Inspirational, educational, and uplifting, these books end with a few of pages of Bible verses that are also interspersed throughout the book to help readers understand the concepts in the book. She shows how Bible verses and prayer are applied in real life situations, as those are often concepts that are hard for young people to understand.

The author explains that these stories are intended as a vehicle for families to use to highlight such themes as prayer, faith, and trusting God in challenging times and does so by showing how readily her protagonist, the teen Annie, sees God as her guide and One who answers her every petition. Each book has a theme: The Miracle of FRIENDSHIP, the Miracle of TRUTH, the Miracle of FREEDOM, the Miracle of COMMITMENT, and the Miracle of LOVE.

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