My Paris Connection — The Miracle of Friendship

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Join thirteen-year-old Annie as she becomes involved in a very dangerous mystery in Paris, France. Read how she deals with fear, while learning the value of faith, truth, and loyalty. Caught up in a suspenseful roller coaster of kidnappers, international intrigue, and art theft. Annie makes several new friends in this famous city and learns how to trust God to get her out of a perilous situation. Her adventure teaches her a lot about prayer, trusting God, and the value of true and lasting friendship.

Anna explains that this story is an excellent vehicle for families and teachers to use to highlight such themes as prayer, thanksgiving, praise, faith, and trusting God in challenging times. Annie serves as a positive role model for middle grade and young adult readers.

In this book, Annie learns the importance of Friendship—and the loyalty and commitment that true Friendship offers. (Book trim size is 6 by 9 inches with a page count of 244 with illustrations or graphics on every page of text.)

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