My Riviera Connection — The Miracle of Truth

Join thirteen-year-old Annie as she excitedly becomes a journalist intern and is caught up in an international espionage plot on the French Riviera. Annie learns once again to trust her parents' judgment, as the entire family asks God to help them live their lives and stay safe. This story points out how important it is to seek, speak, and always stand up for the truth, both personally and in one's career, while trusting God and seeking to follow His will.

Annie loves being homeschooled and this adventure gets her school credit for a new adventure that brings old friends back into her life and makes her new friends while teaching her about a future career and some of the history and politics of France, Spain, Italy, Monaco, and Liechtenstein. Then, as an adopted child, she also learns some unexpected new information about her birth family that brings her and her adoptive parents much joy.

In this book, Annie learns the importance of Truth—Living the Truth, walking in the Truth, and standing up for the Truth. (Book trim size is 6 by 9 inches with a page count of 264 with illustrations or graphics on every page of text.)

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