Book Reviews: My Timeless Locket — The Miracle of Freedom

Fun Story and Educational Too

By IChooseJoy on March 3, 2014, Gena Mayo

I’m happy to review My Timeless Locket: The Miracle of Freedom by Anna Alden-Tirrill. It’s the third book in the Annie’s Adventures Series.

This book really surprised me as it leads the reader into an adventure of historical fiction and science fiction–both of which I love! It was really fun to read.

Annie, a 13-year-old homeschooled girl and only child is living in Scotland with her parents. They are from America but have been living different places in Europe since her father is an astronomer who is offered short-term teaching and research assignments at different universities.

While in Scotland Annie finds out that she is related to the famous Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace. She meets other relatives and receives an heirloom (a locket) that has been passed down through the centuries.

Meanwhile, Annie’s father finds out that his astronomy research project has been compromised. The next thing they know, the family is in Washington D.C. meeting with the President at the White House and other higher-ups at the Pentagon.

They need Annie to do something amazing to help save history. I don’t want to explain much more because it might ruin the story for you. But it’s a fun science fiction element, which is made to seem totally plausible and realistic.

The main characters are believers, so Christians will enjoy the fact that the people pray and talk about God’s involvement in their daily lives. Annie is also a homeschooled student, so homeschoolers will enjoy that aspect.

I recommend this third book in the Annie’s Adventures Series: My Timeless Locket.


My Paris Connection by Anna Alden-Tirrill

Book Reviews: My Paris Connection — The Miracle of Friendship

View Annie's official My Paris Connection website.


A Homeschool Mom's Dream!

By Lori Drake, Morning Glories and Moonflowers
November 25, 2013

Homeschooling, art thieves, danger, and true friendship all take place in My Paris Connection! It's a mystery/adventure involving Annie, a 13 year old, living in Paris with her parents. While touring Le Louvre museum, she accidentally sees something she's not supposed to and her life is plunged into danger! Throughout the whole story, Annie and her family trust in the Lord for His guidance and protection.

My Paris Connection isn't just a story, it's also a quick tour of Paris, a mini-course on the French language as well as a Bible study. It's a homeschool mom's dream! I enjoyed the mystery and the relationship that Annie had with her parents. At the beginning, we find out that Annie, a polite and thoughtful young lady, is adopted and feels quite special as her parents "chose" her. I loved this.

I also appreciated the educational aspect of the book—the tour of Paris and the introduction of French words. There are pictures on every page so the story is engaging even for younger children who aren't quite reading yet. The art thieves are intimidating and cunning which kept my daughter and me engaged. We wanted to know what was going to happen to Annie! What made the book shine is the faith that Annie and her parents have in God. The Bible is quoted often, "Lord, You've promised to keep us in perfect peace when we trust in You" (Isaiah 26:3) and God reigns supreme! But what happens when an on-line friend is not who she pretends to be? The game of cat and mouse kept me guessing! You'll have to read this book to see what happens after Annie gets kidnapped!

My Paris Connection is one in a series of books. It's similar to the American Girl series except Annie is homeschooled (my 10 year old loved this!) and the stories are focused around God. I'd recommend the books for ages 7-12. They would make a wonderful gift!


What a great book series for my daughter!

By Gena Mayo, I Choose Joy
November 6, 2013

We recently received several new books from a series called Annie’s Adventures by Anna Alden-Tirrill. The main character is a 13-year-old homeschooled girl named Annie. In the first book, she and her parents are living in Paris for a year while her dad teaches at a university there. She and her mom have lots of field trips exploring the old city, and while they are at the Louvre, Annie witnesses an art theft. The story gets a lot more interesting from there—with arrests, threats, police and body guards, kidnapping, and a sting operation to catch the thieves!

It was the perfect book for my 10-year-old daughter. Here is what she said about it: ”It was exciting and I couldn’t stop reading it until I reached the end. I like the main character Annie. I especially liked that it was set in Paris!”

I liked that Annie is a great role model. She’s brave, kind, and respectful. She's also caring. This first book in the series has the theme of friendship, and she becomes friends with an unlikely person. I love the fact that she’s homeschooled as it helps my kids not feel so alone. It was fun to have lots of French words sprinkled throughout the book—learning a little bit of a foreign language. :) I also liked the Christian themes spread throughout the book. Annie’s parents and pastor share Scripture verses at times that fit in with the story. There is one other theme that I feel was important. Annie (through the help of the police) goes through an experience of emailing, then instant messaging, and then Skyping someone she has never met. It is good to witness how this can easily happen to our naive kids, to be drawn in and trapped by someone who could potentially hurt them.

My daughter and I are looking forward to reading and sharing reviews of the next books.


What a delightful book!

By Marie Thomas
May 13, 2013

So many books are written for teenage and up, this is middle school to teen, with a good vocabulary and a lot of excitement. I'd say it's a perfect gift book for a young girl. It expresses a mature parental outlook and the heroine is a gentle-spirited young girl who manages to have fun without being glued to a TV or a cell phone, although she does have a laptop and knows how to use it. It's reminiscent of an older writing style and very endearing. This takes place in France and involves a bit of serious intrigue and an art theft, while gently introducing the reader to some of the geography and flavor of Paris. It has a strong moral approach and could even be considered a Christian book. The plot is good and the adventure is refreshingly wholesome. Five stars.


My Riveria Connection

Review of My Riviera Connection by Anna Alden-Tirrill

January 5, 2014 By genamayo

Today’s book review is of My Riviera Connection by Anna Alden-Tirrill. It’s the second book in the Annie’s Adventure Series.

We rejoin adventurous, 13-year-old, homeschooled Annie in Europe again, but they have left Paris and are now in the French Riviera. One of the most fun parts about reading this book is that I have never learned much about this part of the world. We become immersed in the perfume industry–visiting perfumeries and learning all kinds of things about the business. Annie decides that she is very interested in becoming an investigative reporter and is able to join a lady we met in the first book–Vivienne who is an investigative reporter. She takes Annie along with her as she investigates the theft of a perfume formula. They track the thieves and learn all kinds of things to help out the investigation for the detectives. This part is unrealistic–that they are in the midst of all the action– but makes the story more exciting. They also travel to other areas of Europe, including the Vatican. And they always find some time to sightsee–which makes you wish you could be there as well!

I love how serving God and doing his will, along with Scripture, are sprinkled in throughout the book. We know what is most important to Annie, her parents, Vivienne, and several other characters who are believers. ”Truth” is a main theme throughout this book (as “friendship” was in the first book). My 10-year-old daughter loved reading about the perfume business and gave My Riviera Connection a thumbs-up! I would definitely recommend these books for girls who like to read longer chapter books (it’s 234 pages). Check out the Annie’s Adventure’s website to order these books.

Another good read!

By Marie Thomas
July 20, 2013

I found this to be another good book for preteen and teens in the Annie's Adventures series and the sequel to My Paris Connection. Annie's family has moved to Nice on the French Riviera and continues to be homeschooled. Annie is encouraged to think about what subjects she likes best so her mom can guide her toward a future career. Then a Paris friend of Annie's tells her his aunt is doing investigative journalism researching corporate espionage in the city of Grasse, the center of the French perfume industry and Annie becomes an intern to help her complete a book deadline. They pose as mother and daughter to follow some suspicious characters, witness a break-in, and nearly get discovered. Their sleuthing exposes an international theft ring of shady individuals involved in computer hacking and auctioning off stolen goods aboard a cruise ship. Annie's adventures take her to Monaco, Spain, Italy, and Liechtenstein with an adult chaperone and the book introduces several new characters that Annie gets attached to as she learns to trust God for protection and always stand for the truth. Good suspense and well told without exposure to violence or inappropriate language. Highly recommended.

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