The Promise Box — The Miracle of Commitment

In this new adventure, Annie's family once again moves from one European country to another for her dad's job with NASA. After being an Exchange Professor at Paisley University in Scotland, he has now taken a teaching position at the University of Munich in Germany. The family settles in Bavaria in the little town of Oberammergau, and Annie and her mom start seeking out the history of the area to continue to expand Annie's homeschool history lessons.

While Christmas shopping in the village for some local handicrafts, Annie finds an interesting locked box that may solve a seventy-three-year-old mystery and link her to more of her birth relatives. She and her family stumble upon a previously lost secret diary narrating some heart-wrenching details of family and social issues in the history of Oberammergau and the bravery and courage of the villagers during WW II, as well as exposing several historic relics that Annie and her family are determined to investigate.

The plot takes several unusual twists that include a historic godly king and his generous gifts intended to help the village that are later used to save the lives of many people and thwart a terrible disaster. Annie learns some hard history lessons and then participates in a serious modern-day caper that separates myth from truth and prevents a possible future problem with people in Germany and worldwide.

In this book, Annie learns the importance of Commitment—to God, family, and friends—and perseverance in following God and His Word. (Book trim size is 6 by 9 inches with a page count of 281 with illustrations or graphics on every page of text.)

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